Injury prevention

Injury prevention

2nd ReFORM Prevention Days

Internationally renowned speakers were welcomed to the Centre Sportif National d'Coque in Luxembourg City for the second ReFORM Prevention Days. The sessions covered current topics such as the implementation of preventive measures, integrity in sports practice and ethics in the care and management of athletes. 

Session 1: Primary prevention

  • C. Moseid - The Norwegian approach to primary prevention in young athletes
    • G. Martens - Stakeholders' knowledge of prevention differs according to culture and profession
    • S. Leclerc - Primary prevention: focus on education and awareness-raising

    Session 2: Injury prevention is multifaceted

    • P. Tscholl: Ethical considerations in the surgical management of athletes
    • F. Van Nassau: Implementing injury prevention
    • T. Vertommen: Preventing abuse and harassment in sport
    • C. Bolling: Injury prevention from the athlete's perspective

    Session 3: Prevention tools

    • C. Mouton: Injury registers
    • J. Bencke: Biomechanics for prevention
    • F. Delvaux: Prevention programs in team sports: how to improve implementation and compliance?
    • C. Emery: Impact of policies and rules on the incidence of injury

    Session 4: Practical examples - prevention on the lower limb

    • K. Crossley: Can we prevent patellofemoral pain?
    • M. Bayer: Relationship between tissue changes and muscle function in acute muscle injuries
    • G. Guilhem: The Fulgur project - preventing muscle damage in elite athletes
    • G. Strutzenberger: Lessons learned from a standardized test battery

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