The current state of injury prevention in sports medicine

The current state of injury prevention in sports medicine

In 2021, the German Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatic Sports medicine (GOTS) published the results of a survey designed to assess the knowledge, habits and perceptions of prevention practices in sport among 272 therapists (Austrian, German and Swiss) belonging to their Society via a 22-question online questionnaire.

ReFORM wanted to extend this survey to its network. To this end, the GOTS questionnaire was translated into French by various experts and native speakers. It was then widely distributed to health professionals (sports doctors, surgeons, physical trainers, physiotherapists, etc.) in contact with athletes at all levels. The survey was relayed by the Société Française de Traumatologie du Sport and the Société Française de Médecine de l'Exercice et du Sport. In all, almost 500 participants answered the questionnaire.

The results obtained within the ReFORM network could be grouped and compared with those obtained within the GOTS. A significant discrepancy was observed between the positive perceptions reported regarding prevention and its implementation in the field. 

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