Vaccination survey COVID-19

Vaccination survey COVID-19

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which spread worldwide for many months, athletes were vaccinated to protect them against possible infection, to limit the spread of the virus and sometimes in response to vaccination requirements for participation in international competitions. Nevertheless, some vaccines can have repercussions/side-effects that could influence sporting activities. Theimpact of COVID-19 vaccination on performance remains poorly understood.

The aim of this project was to evaluate the (subjective) impact of vaccination on athlete performance, using an anonymous questionnaire. The questionnaire was aimed at Olympic-level athletes who met the criteria for participation in the Tokyo 2020 Games. The questionnaire was relayed to athletes meeting the criteria by the Belgian, French, Luxembourg and Canadian National Olympic Committees.

In all, almost 300 athletes responded to the survey. Of these, 72% perceived no change in their physical performance following administration of the vaccine, while 24% reported a negative impact. Pressure to be vaccinated appears to be a key parameter for those reporting a negative impact from the vaccine.

The results of the study and the article written are available at the following link.

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