Translation of the IOC Consensus Statements

Translation of the IOC Consensus Statements

At the beginning of the 2000’s, the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission initiated work on consensus positions or “consensus statements”. By bringing together a large panel of experts on a targeted issue, an exhaustive review of the literature is proposed and practical and concrete recommendations are issued on the basis of this state of scientific knowledge. These “consensus statements” constitute the most up-to-date and currently validated level of knowledge on the targeted issue. However, like the majority of scientific and clinical resources, these documents are relayed in English, which limits their distribution to a wide French-speaking audience.

The objective of ReFORM is to fill in this gap by providing high-level theoretical and practical knowledge on injury prevention to a wide audience of French-speaking stakeholders, through full translations of consensus statements, summaries of key messages and detailed infographies.

These supports are published alternately every 2-3 months in Journal de Traumatologie du Sport (JTS) and Science & Sport (S&S). A first editorial, co-published in both journals, presents this project in more detail. 

Finalized projects

Current projects

  • Load in sport and risk of illness
  • Thermoregulatory and altitude challenges for high-level athletes
  • Health and fitness of young people through physical activity and sport  
  • Recording and reporting of epidemiological data on injury and illness in sport

Future projects

  • Prevention, diagnosis and management of paediatric anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries
  • Sport Mental Health Assessment Tool 1 (SMHAT-1) and Sport Mental Health Recognition Tool 1 (SMHRT-1)

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