Injury prevention and racquet sports

Injury prevention and racquet sports

3rd ReFORM Prevention Days

In October 2023, ReFORM organized its 3rd Symposium on Injury Prevention in Sport in Liège (Belgium) , in collaboration with the SportS2 unit of Liège University Hospital. This year's theme was twofold: injury prevention and racquet sports. Various aspects were presented: biomechanics, pathologies, surgical aspects, prevention, management of non-athletic aspects and early specialization of the athlete.

You can find all the presentations from these two days below. 

Day 1 - Session 1: Biomechanics for injury prevention

  • I. Rogowski: The contribution of biomechanical analysis to the prevention of tennis injuries
  • F. Tubez: Complementary assessment techniques for prevention and performance in tennis

Day 1- Session 2: Managing extra-sporting aspects

  • S. Pieters: What are the nutritional requirements of a professional tennis player?
  • A.C. Dupont: Sports in the heat
  • F. Bieuzen: Travel management - Prerequisites and strategies to increase your chances of performance

Day 1- Session 3: Injury prevention in racket sports

  • J. Pauls: Injury prevention in table tennis - from idea to implementation
  • C. Tooth: Preventive management of shoulder injuries in tennis - the benefits of individualized management
  • J.R. Aubry and D. Wolfstyn: Hip conflict in high-level badminton - diagnostic elements, proposed management protocol and prevention

SportS2 symposium

  • J. Dellatte: Technopathies of tennis
  • R. Leroy: Femoro-acetabular conflicts in racket sports
  • F. De Zanet: Psychological preparation: putting people back at the heart of performance
  • A. Gofflot and B. Forthomme: Return to sport after shoulder surgery in racquet sports
  • D. Mlynarski: Padel - a sport for everyone?

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