IOC Research Centres Meeting and 2nd ReFORM Prevention Days

IOC Research Centres Meeting and 2nd ReFORM Prevention Days

ReFORM’s activities have been intense at the beginning of October. 

Indeed, the network was, first of all, invited to the Annual Meeting of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Research Centres in Luxembourg, from October 11 to 14, along with the 10 other World Research Centres, located in South Africa, in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, and Qatar. These 3 days allowed the ReFORM group to present all of its projects (Dr. Géraldine Martens) but also to address topics such as “The impact of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy on sports performance in women” (Dr. Juliana Antero), “Injury prevention in sprinters (Fulgur Project)” ( Dr. Gael Guilhem) or even to discuss “News in the management of ACL injuries “(Prof. Romain Seil). These meetings also allowed ReFORM to learn more about the projects carried out in the other IOC Research Centres and to discuss the improvements/collaborations that could be undertaken about Injury Prevention and Protection of Athlete Health

Then, ReFORM organized its 2nd Symposium on Injury Prevention in Sports on October 14 (afternoon) and 15, in collaboration with the Amsterdam collaboration on Health and Safety in Sports.

On the first day, practical workshops and lectures were organized in the “SportFabrik” biomechanics center, manager by the Luxembourg Institue for High Performance in Sports (LIHPS) in Differdange (South-West of Luxembourg). Speakers such as Prof. Lars Engebretsen (head of the IOC Scientific Commission), Prof. Roald Bahr (Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center) or Prof. Evert Verhagen (Amsterdam collaboration on Health and Safety in Sport) gave highly appreciated presentations concerning the importance of injury prevention but also concerning the work carriout out within the various IOC Research Centres. 

The second day was organized at the National Sport Centre d’Coque, in Luxembourg-City. Different themes were addressed by internationally renowned speakers, such as primary prevention, the multifactorial nature of injury prevention or the tools available for prevention. The day ended with a session dedicated to the prevention of lower limb injuries. During these sessions, cross-cutting and current themes were discussed, particularly around the implementation of preventive measures, integrity around sports practice and ethics in the care and management of athletes.

This 2nd edition of the “ReFORM Prevention Days” was a great success! More than 170 participants were able to be welcomed on the two sites and the very high quality presentations of the various speakers were warmly received by the audience.

The audience was composed of physical therapists, doctors, coaches and sports scientists.

Thank you to the speakers for coming and their professionalism.

Thanks to the partners for their support.

Thank you to the participants for their enthusiasm.

Be ready for the next edition! The information will be available soon.

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