Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

2nd ReFORM Prevention Days

Internationally renowned speakers were welcomed to  the National Sport Center d’Coque in Luxembourg- City for the second edition of the ReFORM Prevention Days. During these sessions, cross-cutting and current themes were discussed such as the implementation of preventive measures, integrity around sports practice or even ethics in the care and management of athletes.

Session 1 : Primary prevention

  • C. Moseid : The Norwegian approach to primary sport injury prevention in young athletes
  • G. Martens : Stakeholders’ awareness regarding injury prevention differs between cultures and professions
  • S. Leclerc : Primary prevention : focus on education and awareness

Session 2 : Injury prevention is multifaceted

  • P. Tscholl : Ethical considerations of surgical management in athletes
  • F. Van Nassau : The implementation of injury prevention
  • T. Vertommen : Safeguarding in sport : What, who, why and how ?
  • C. Bolling : Injury prevention through athletes perspectives : the missing pieces of the puzzle

Session 3 : Tools for injury prevention

  • C. Mouton : Injury registries
  • J. Bencke : How can clinical biomechanics help prevention ?
  • F. Delvaux : Injury prevention programmes in team sports : how to improve implementation and compliance ?
  • C. Emery : Impact of policy and rule change on injury incidence

Session 4 : Practical examples – lower limb injury prevention

  • K. Crossley : Can we prevent patellofemoral pain ?
  • M. Bayer : What do we know regarding coupling between tissue changes and muscle function after acute muscle strain injuries ?
  • G. Guilhem : The Fulgur project – muscle injury prevention in elite athletes
  • G. Strutzenberger : Lessons learned from using a standardized test battery

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